Wine making supplies

Steins and Vines has everything you need to create exceptional wines at home.

At Steins and Vines, hobbyist and craftsman brewers and wine makers alike have a passionate hometown store that is dedicated to carrying the vast array of grains, hops, yeast, dry malt extracts, liquid malt extracts, adjuncts and flavorings needed to make your ideal brew. We carry everything from complete sets of brewing kits to get you started to premium extracts and recipes that fascinate die-hard enthusiasts. 

We have a huge selection of hops, grains and malts! Our vast selection ensures something for every brewer and winemaker. If you are looking for chardonnay, merlot, moscato and more, come visit Russ and Steins and Vines. We have everything needed to make exceptional wines at home, ranging from winemaking kits, high-quality fermenters, equipment kits, and accessories that will elevate your wine-making skills to the next level. 

Steins and Vines is happy to order any special equipment and ingredients also at no additional charge! Competitive prices combined with personalized service from Russ make Steins and Vines the top choice for home vinters in Sioux Falls. Stop down today and experience the difference of exceptional customer service with Russ and share his vast knowledge of brewing. 

He also offers free classes with the purchase of wine making kits!

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