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Wine Kits

Wine kits are an excellent way to learn the basics of fermentation. These kits come with everything you need to get started making great tasting wine. There's a kit that's perfect for palette and every budget.

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Primary & Secondary Fermenter

This is where the magic happens. Start with a bucket for your primary fermenter and a carboy for a secondary fermenter. Make sure both are bigger than your intended batch size to accommodate the foam and CO 2 created during the fermentation process.

Primary & Secondary Fermentor for making wine
The airlock or bubbler lets out CO2

Airlock or Bubbler

This keeps lets out CO 2 from the fermentation process while keeping air-borne contaminants out of your wine.

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Hydrometers measure specific gravity, allowing you to calculate alcohol content


Hydrometers measure specific gravity of your wine. Specific Gravity tells you how much alcohol you have.

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Wine Thief for testing home made wine

Wine Thief

A Wine Thief allows you to pull a sample of your wine for tasting or testing without contaminating the batch.

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Wine Degasser


A Degasser will manually remove all the air and CO 2 from your wine prior to the clarifying stage.

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AutoSiphon Racking Cane for wine transfer

Auto Siphon Racking Cane

This specialized siphon will help you move your wine while leaving the sediment behind

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Star San Sanitizer

Star San Sanitizer

 The unsung hero of the winemaking process. Use this on everything to keep contaminants out of your wine.

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Wine Bottles

Wine Bottles

Russ caries a variety of wine bottles in his shop. These are generally more affordable in-store due to shipping costs. 

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Wine Bottle Corker

Wine Corker

There are several affordable options in wine corkers. Save yourself frustration by getting a floor/tabletop model like this.

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LD Carlson Corks and Foil

Corks and Foil Toppers

Russ stocks a variety of natural and synthetic corks as well as every color of foil to dress up your beautiful bottle of wine.

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