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Steins and Vines is the best place on earth for those DIY individuals who enjoy brewing beer , making wine , and growing their own hydroponic gardens . Russ Olson is the proprietor of this establishment. Russ will be your guide, mentor, and resident expert as you explore the many different ways to make your own fun .

If you are interested in getting started, or are having issues, give Russ a call at (605) 274-7002 . He'll get you up and running the right way in no time.

South Dakota's ORIGINAL grow shop since 2010

Russ is a font of knowledge
Steins & Vines
  means knowledge

The biggest benefit to buying from Steins & Vines is Russ himself.  Russ' customers get access to Russ' seemingly limitless knowledge gained from his 30+ years of brewing, wine making and growing experience. Not sure why you need a hydrometer? Russ will teach you why and how to use it before you buy it. Have a batch going sideways? Five minutes on the phone with Russ will often fix your issue and save your batch. 

Russ is the Brains of the operation

Meet Russ

Russ has been making fun stuff since his grandad taught him how to make moonshine as a boy. He's a scientist and an artist at his craft. He's taught a lot of professional brewers the secrets to making good beer. He knows what works and what doesn't. And he loves sharing his knowledge with his customers.

Lola is the heart and soul of Steins and Vines

Meet Lola

Lola is the heart and soul of Steins and Vines and our official greeter.
Give her a hot dog and she'll be your friend forever.

Russ is a class act with the best products around.

Steins & Vines
  means quality

For over 10 years, Steins and Vines has been helping home brewers, wine makers, gardeners and hydroponic growers by giving them access to the best supplies available. Steins & Vines carries a wide range of products for everyone from the budget-minded novice to the money-is-no-object professional.

There is a plethora of products on the internet vying to be the cheapest. Some function, some don't. Some work for a week before they break. The one thing most of these cheap products have in common is that they cost you more in the long run. 

Russ isn't always the cheapest, but you know you are getting quality products from reputable manufacturers every time. Everything Steins and Vines sells has been personally tested by Russ and has proven its value in the real world.

Russ' quality guarantee is simple.

If Russ wouldn't use it himself, he won't sell it to you.



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